Mangozoo understand the important’s of coming out with creative and new ideas,
but what is the process of keeping your brain machine a river of creative thought
patterns? Well we hope this short clip can help!


Mangozoo always want our clients to not be afraid of new technology as it is always
moving forward at a rapid pace, so it’s important that you pay attention of the new
world around you and understand that your business has to be a part of it!.


Mangozoo client, Keith Lowe, is a British author and historian and his latest book, Savage
Continent, is a groundbreaking history of the chaos and lawlessness that gripped Europe
in the aftermath of the Second World War II.



Mangozoo just finished working with P-Mac Fitness, a Personal Trainer with a reputation
for delivering results. It was a redesign project and the challenge was to design and build
a new website that visually communicates the Professional sevice's that P-Mac provides.